I decided to use English to write this article because I don't want the author to understand or to trace my Blog address.

Okay, it's still a boring day during this evening, and I'm still waiting for the class on 5:30p.m..For no reason, I tried to search some information and keyed in the keyword "LanyangCampus (of course its in Chinese)".

There's many results that include some excel sheets about campus's budget, the lists of students, and some of traveling articles.

Most of the traveling articles were introducing very well such as "The view is great", "We can see the mountain island on the sea", "it's pretty good for study", and so on. And among the sentences, they'd put some beautiful pictures I never saw.

But, there was a FUCKING article wrote about the bad points for LanYang campus. It said the campus's weak point like Lanyang Campus used too much land and space for just building, and destroyed so many trees and the environment on this mountain. I agree with this point. These were the truth, and price of the products and the restaurant were really expansive for students.

In the middle of that article, it said that the author had seen two students was buying their lunch. The author said "it's impoliteness for buying thing with nightclothes and slippers."

Wow....it's really impoliteness for you tourists?

Come on..we're not the animals in ZOO, we're students, and this area is included in the dorm area.

Also, I don't know the author was thinking about. As a student that studied in a Mountain, and they couldn't go to downtown from Monday to Friday evening, and they might go back home once per month, do you think the school might be students' home?

Would you willing to wear a business suit when you want to buy a lunch or cup of tea? and the store is just on the downstairs of your room?

ok, it's a pretty long article about my feeling and I just want to release my feeling to make me feel better.

If anyone wants to check the Fucking article, you can type "LanYang Campus" in Chinese, and maybe you'd find it after click some pages.

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